日本人說的:Mr. Bean arrested?

車迷一定認得貌似 Mr. Bean 的 Carlos Ghosn(圖右),因為他是汽車行業的英雄。他是企業醫生,專醫車廠,先後令法資的雷諾 (Renault) 和日資的日產 (Nissan) 扭虧為盈,過程中不免牽涉大規模的裁員以及翻天覆地的流程改造 (Re-engineering) 。他幹出成績,日本人用漫畫歌頌他(提示:戈恩物語),把他捧上半天高。日本人向來排外,外國人能夠成為日資企業舵手,得到發揮的機會,成就被肯定的,寥寥可數,Carlos Ghosn(港譯:戈恩)是少見的例子。

Carlos Ghosn 生於巴西,擁有法國和黎巴嫩雙重國籍,而巴西是日本以外最多日本人聚居的國家。日本人移民巴西始於 1908 年,最初是為咖啡園提供勞動力,是由日本政府安排的。對,官辦的「賣豬仔」。巴西也是日本汽車行業的海外生產基地和極具潛力的新興市場,所以日本汽車品牌例如 Toyota、Honda 和 Nissan 都在巴西設有生產線,請參考<延伸閱讀>部份所提供的資料。在當地出生和成長的日本僑民後代,因為懂得葡語,成為日本跟葡語世界的聯繫。

換言之,異族能夠成為跨國企業的高層,跟公司的策略有密切的關係,看看生產基地和新興市場在那裡,你自然明白過來。所以 Google 有位印度裔 CEO,說明少數族裔在跨國企業中的用途。對,CEO 也不過是棋子,用完即棄。去到中高層,你估重係靠面試技巧咩?別傻了,背誦標準答案是沒有用的。英雄要問出處,CEO 也要懂得投胎。今日洗廁所,明日 CEO ?那是騙小朋友的鬼話。

然後日本人讓他重重地摔下來。表面上的理由,是 Carlos Ghosn 涉嫌挪用公司的資金(即是穿櫃桶)以及漏報收入(即是逃稅)。有評論認為,背後牽涉日產內部的權力鬥爭,甚至是提升至外交層面(日本和法國爭奪汽車行業的龍頭之位)。證據:他在機場被捕之後的數小時內,日產的社長西川廣人召開記者會,力數 Carlos Ghosn 多項罪名。有評論認為,日本人高層不希望日產被法資的雷諾所吞併,又或者車廠長期被外國人所控制,即是企業醫生的任務已經完成,於是把黑材料引爆。對,過橋抽板,空降部隊被地面的炮火炸死。職業刀手裁減低級員工,執靚盤數,然後自己也被裁。剃人頭者,人亦剃其頭。今夕吾軀歸故土,他朝君體也相同。因果報應,果然不爽,阿彌陀佛。

這是一個鳥盡弓藏的故事,也是捧殺的好例子(出處:魯迅+罵殺與捧殺)。證明中國人的權謀詐術或軍事策略(提示:風林火山),日本人學得很到家,甚至青出於藍。汽車是男人的大玩具,男人可以是幕後玩家的棋子。世途險惡,今天捧你的,跟明日踩你的,可以是同一群人。Carlos Ghosn 也許貌似 Mr. Bean,但他的故事並非喜劇,而是商業社會的悲劇,或商戰劇也可以,劇名是<CEO 之死>。 Nissan 這個日本品牌,從此記載了一位商界精英從高峰殞落的故事。男人力爭上游,結果被用完即棄。鳥盡弓藏,就是這樣。Carlos Ghosn 的座駕,應該不是 Mr. Bean 開的綠色 Mini Cooper。

圖左:Mr. Bean(演員:Rowan Atkinson)

圖右:Carlos Ghosn(港譯:戈恩)


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Pop culture car reviews | Mr Bean's mini (1:46)
In this episode, Telegraph Film Critic Tim Robey discusses the small but powerful Mini 100, driven by British TV sitcom star, Mr Bean.

Mr Bean - Fahrt auf dem Autodach (In English: Ride on the car roof) (4:58)
Mr Bean wants to transport his newly purchased armchair on the car roof. Since he does not fit in the car anymore, he has to drive his Mini from the roof. From episode 10: "The Handyman".


Mr. Bean arrested?
Twitter meme trends after scandal envelops Nissan chairman
The Japan Times News (NOV 19, 2018)

Extract: As news surrounding Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s arrest on suspicion of having understated his income dominated social media in Japan, a curious phenomenon was emerging on Twitter: Mr. Bean, the goofball lead character played by Rowan Atkinson in the namesake British sitcom, was trending on the social network. Why? Because of the embattled auto executive’s apparent resemblance to the character. Japanese-language Twitter seemed to be in on the joke, with the hashtag #Mrビーン (#MrBīn) exploding into the social network’s top trending hashtags, having been mentioned more than 33,000 times as of 9:45 p.m., just hours after news of the impending arrest had emerged.

Nissan said in a statement that it had been conducting an internal investigation based on a whistleblower report over the past several months regarding misconduct involving Ghosn and Representative Director Greg Kelly. The statement added that “numerous other significant acts of misconduct” by Ghosn had also been uncovered, including the personal use of company assets, and that Kelly’s “deep involvement” had also been confirmed.” Ghosn, a rare foreign top executive in Japan, has been favorably regarded for having turned Nissan’s business around from near bankruptcy, and is one of the best-paid executives among his peers at other Japanese companies. His looming removal was likely to severely impact not only the carmaker, but the auto industry as a whole.

Nissan dismisses its chairperson Carlos Ghosn for tax evasion
His annual dues amount to EGP 347.4m
Daily News Egypt (Nov 23, 2018)

Extract: This came after the Japanese authorities arrested the Chairperson of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, in Tokyo to interrogate him. The company said that Ghosn has reduced the value of his income in official papers, noting that the company’s board of directors will work to terminate his contract. Nissan has issued a report about Ghosn – who was also the executive director of French Renault and Chairperson of Mitsubishi Motors – after reports showed that the Japanese authorities will arrest the chairperson. Nissan’s report came after the Japanese authorities announced that they plan on arresting Ghosn due to the allegations that he violated the international trade law in Japan. The sources said that there is a chance he intentionally reduced the value of his income on official financial records. The Japanese car manufacturer has carried out internal investigations over the past few months regarding the misbehaviour which included Ghosn and Greg Kelly. This came after Japanese “Asahi” newspaper (one of the five most famous newspapers in Japan) announced that the Chairperson of Nissan Motor, Carlos Ghosn, may get arrested in Tokyo due to his violations.

Wikipedia – Carlos Ghosn

Extract: Carlos Ghosn, KBE (born March 9, 1954) is a Brazilian-born businessman who also has French and Lebanese nationality. Ghosn formerly served as the CEO of Michelin North America, chairman and CEO of Renault, chairman of AvtoVAZ, chairman and CEO of Nissan, and chairman of Mitsubishi Motors. Ghosn was also chairman and CEO of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance, a strategic partnership between those automotive manufacturers through a complex cross-shareholding agreement. The venture has held an approximately 10% market share since 2010, and as of 2017 was reckoned to be the third largest automobile group worldwide.

In 1996, Renault's CEO Louis Schweitzer hired Ghosn as his deputy and charged him with the task of turning the company around from near bankruptcy. Ghosn elaborated a plan to cut costs for the period 1998–2000, reducing the workforce, revising production processes, standardising vehicle parts and pushing the launch of new models. Ghosn became known as "Le Cost Killer". In the early 2000s, for orchestrating one of the auto industry's most aggressive downsizing campaigns and spearheading the turnaround of Nissan from its near bankruptcy in 1999, he earned the nickname "Mr. Fix It".

He quickly achieved celebrity status in Japan and in the business world, and his life has been chronicled in a Japanese manga comic book. Ghosn stepped down as CEO of Nissan on 1 April 2017, while remaining chairman of the company. He was arrested at Haneda Airport on 19 November 2018, on allegations of under-reporting his earnings and misuse of company assets. On 22 November 2018, Nissan's board made a unanimous decision to dismiss Ghosn as Nissan's chairman. It was followed by Mitsubishi Motors' board on 26 November 2018. Renault and the French government continued to support him, presuming him innocent until proven guilty. However, Ghosn resigned as chairman and CEO of Renault on 24 January 2019, ending his reign atop the automotive world.

Top 20 Car Brands In Brazil
Brazilian Car Industry
Marcelo Possato (Staff Writer)
The Brazil Business (16 February 2015)

Extract: The average car price in Brazil is very high compared to prices in North America and many countries in Europe. However, the easy access to credit through loans managed by banks has boosted the sector in Brazil. Even though the country has the largest car industry in Latin America, Brazil still relies on imports. It is no coincidence that 7 of the 20 biggest importers in Brazil belong to the car business. The interest in cars and access to loans makes the country the 4th best-selling car nation. These factors make the industry dynamic, as car companies have the desire to bring products and factories to Brazil.

Top 20 Car Brands in Brazil
The following ranking is based entirely on the revenue and production rates of 2014.

2. Chevrolet
3. Volkswagen
4. Ford
5. Hyundai
6. Renault
7. Toyota
8. Honda
9. Nissan
10. Mitsubishi
11. Citröen
12. Peugeot
13. Kia
14. Mercedes-Benz
15. BMW
16. Audi
17. Chery
18. Land Rover
19. Jac Motors
20. Suzuki

From the list, you can see that almost all brands mentioned already have factories established in Brazil. The Brazilian government's relationship with multinational automotive car manufacturers is very good, since the car manufacturers enjoy very attractive incentives for setting up local plants.

Toyota's first production outside Japan at Toyota do Brasil

Extract: Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. requested approval from the Brazilian government for a 'Domestic Production Plan through the Establishment of Toyota do Brasil' on May 10, 1957. The government gave its approval on June 28, and Toyota do Brasil Industria e Comercio Limitada was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. on January 23, 1958.

Approval was received from the Japanese government to remit funds in July 1958, and parts including engines to assemble 800 vehicles were exported in October. On December 24, a plant was purchased from the local subsidiary of U.K.-based Rover, which had decided to withdraw from the Brazilian market, and production of the Model FJ25L Land Cruiser began in May 1959. This was different from the earlier spot CKD exports and was Toyota's first full-fledged overseas knockdown production. The initial local production rate (by weight) was 60 percent.

戈恩涉案被炒 日產否認政變
信報財經新聞 2018 年 11 月 21 日
節錄:日本貴為漫畫大國,汽車業巨子戈恩(Carlos Ghosn)把日本汽車巨擘日產(Nissan)起死回生,他的英雄事蹟當然成為漫畫題材。戈恩以超級英雄姿態穿梭漫畫,但主筆現在可能要把他「黑化」,戈恩涉嫌違反金融商品交易法,少報薪俸兼挪用公款,周一遭東京地區檢察院拘捕。

自由財經 2018-12-01
節錄:日本日產汽車前董事長,有「日產救世主」之稱的高恩(Carlos Ghosn)爆發醜聞被捕後,不但可能衝擊日產、三菱以及法國雷諾汽車之間的同盟關係,現在有外媒認為,高恩的醜聞不但有可能是日產內部策劃的「政變」,還有上升到外交層次的可能,代表日本與法國的關係甚至會因此事件而產生摩擦。《路透》昨(30)日報導,目前雷諾擁有日產 43% 的股權,日前,法國經濟財政部長 Bruno Le Maire 表示,他與日本經濟產業大臣世耕弘成都認為,目前的雷諾日產聯盟的資本結構是好的。對此,世耕弘成在昨日發表了罕見的抗議信,表示日本不同意法國的這種說法,認為日法之前唯一的共識是對雷諾日產聯盟的支持,但不及於資本結構。《彭博》今(1)日報導,在今天的 G20 峰會中,法國總統馬克宏(Emmanuel Macron)向日本首相安倍晉三重申他對「維持雷諾日產聯盟穩定」的承諾,對此,安倍晉三表示,雷諾日產聯盟關係的走向,應當是由公司本身決定,而非政府。




魯迅:罵殺與捧殺(發表於 1934 年,原載:中華日報)
節錄:現在有些不滿於文學批評的,總說近幾年的所謂批評,不外乎捧與罵。 其實所謂捧與罵者,不過是將稱贊與攻擊,換了兩個不好看的字眼。指英雄為英雄,說娼婦是娼婦,表面上雖像捧與罵,實則說得剛剛合式,不能責備批評家的。批評家的錯處,是在亂罵與亂捧,例如說英雄是娼婦,舉娼婦為英雄。批評的失了威力,由於「亂」,甚而至於「亂」到和事實相反,這底細一被大家看出,那效果有時也就相反了。所以現在被罵殺的少,被捧殺的卻多。


2013 年 11 月 8 日
節錄:電影中的例子,有 Up in the Air (港譯:寡佬飛行日記)裡面的 George Clooney (港譯:佐治古尼)。戲中他是管理顧問,專門幫企業客戶裁員,代價是飛來飛去,沒有家庭生活。他早已習慣孤獨,但報應已在眼前 ―― 老闆安排新人接替他。剃人頭者,人亦剃其頭。今夕吾軀歸故土,他朝君體也相同。如果你是中年打工仔女,經歷過裁員之苦,這部電影肯定會令你感觸良多。

2013 年 11 月 28 日

2016 年 11 月 30 日
節錄:Google 在中國市場吃過苦頭,轉戰亞洲最大的民主國家,不難理解。對美國人來說,印度再髒再亂政府再官僚,也是個真正的民主國家。FB 教主有個華裔老婆, Google 有位印度裔 CEO,說明少數族裔在跨國企業中的用途。既然是見頂的生意,就沒有必要作出重大的改動或者增加投資,只需要做一些應酬式的表面功夫(例如:把 Fact-checking 的工作交給外判商),又或者進行某程度上的本地化(例如:把自我審查的工作交給中方的合作夥伴)就可以了。

2015 年 1 月 8 日

Bossa Nova
2016 年 8 月 10 日
節錄:近年有一位亞洲女歌手走 Bossa Nova 路線,她是巴西長大的日本僑民小野麗莎 (Lisa Ono) ,生於巴西的聖保羅,從小浸淫於南美音樂之中。巴西是日本以外最多日本人聚居的國家。日本人移民巴西始於 1908 年,最初是為咖啡園提供勞動力,請參考<延伸閱讀>部份提供的資料。在巴西長大的日本僑民後代因而懂得葡萄牙文,成為日本跟葡語世界之間的聯繫。

2014 年 3 月 24 日
節錄:論政治智慧,李登輝比馬英九高很多。他自言 22 歲之前是日本人,所以這位百年難得一見的政治奇才,沒有中國人的心理包袱,卻有東洋人的冷靜與克制,以及精密計算的頭腦。用兵之道,風林火山。即是:其疾如風,其徐如林,侵略如火,不動如山。這幾句,出自<孫子兵法>,後來被日本名將武田信玄 (1521-1573) 發揚光大。這一套,李登輝懂。

Top Gear
2010 年 1 月 1 日
節錄:我不懂車,但是我會看 Top Gear。作為女人,Top Gear 讓我看見男人面對大玩具的狂態,有助我了解雄性動物。這個節目可以令港女戒除「公主病」,因為它讓你明白,女人在男人的心目中,不可能排第一位,排第二或者第三,已經很不錯了。同樣原理,如果男人見識過女人面對手袋、時裝和珠寶的狂態,也會明白「我愛你」的真義。

The Boxer
2016 年 7 月 8 日
節錄:那是男人的辛酸淚,讓你明白拳王阿里如何用拳頭殺出一條血路。這首歌很難唱,旋律有如滔滔流水奔赴前方,但是有份跳躍與浮動的感覺,有如拳手的步法。拳王阿里的說法:Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. 如果你掌握得不好,會聽見自己在喃喃自語,不信你試試看。

Made in Myanmar
2017 年 10 月 24 日
節錄:緬甸已經融入西方主導的國際經濟秩序,正處於食物鏈的底層,即是被剝削的勞動人民。這是一個尋找窮人,讓他們為發達國家服務的遊戲。某國的生產成本上升?立即把生產線轉移至另一個更窮的國家,只要窮人還沒有死盡,剝削窮人的遊戲就可以繼續,廉價的快速成衣 (Fast fashion) 供應源源不絕,多到可以送去回收箱,部份再回歸第三世界,今次據說是非洲國家。人與物資,不斷輪迴。背後的動力,是跨國的資本流動以及物流管理。